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Tag @sendnano to make tips and giveaways!

Enable @sendnano on Twitter
It asks for "Read" permission.

Collect Nano, Use Nano

Collect Nano by liking and retweeting giveaway Tweets. Use those Nano for gift cards, cash, and tipping others!




( ≈ $3919) Spent


Fee Paid

You can send Nano to anyone on Twitter by tagging @sendnano. Since there is no cost involved, you can even send it in amounts as small as 0.000001 Nano!

Did you know?

Nano is a real currency that is used across countries, with the currency code XNO(Ӿ) just like USD($). You can exchange Nano for your local currency just like you would exchange foreign currency.

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How it works:

  1. Connect your Twitter Account
  2. Simply click above and you're good to go!
    Enjoy all SendNano features.
  3. Type in SendNano Commands:
  4. To send Nano
    • @sendnano [amount] [recipient @username or Nano address]
    • You can specify the amount in USD/EUR/INR/JPY by using the corresponding symbol/ticker before or after [amount].
    • If you reply to a tweet, you can omit the [recipient].
    To conduct a giveaway
    • @sendnano [amount] to the first/random [number of users] who [retweet/like]
    • You can update the expiry time by typing:
      expiring (drawing) in [hours/days].
    • The default expiry time is 72 hours for first giveaway, and 24 hours for random giveaway.
  5. The recipient receives Nano!
  6. You can use received Nano to shop, withdraw, or cash out on exchanges.